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activities to go with tiddalik the frog sciencing - tiddalik the frog who caused a flood is an australian aboriginal folk tale that tells the story of a giant grumpy frog that consumed all the world s water to quench his thirst the land turned to desert and animals worried for their lives, dreamtime stories tiddalick the frog - dreamtime story animation tiddalick the frog for the marambul yuganha exhibition at the griffith campus of tafe nsw riverina institute 2011 what made tiddalik laugh duration 6 34 joanna, fairy tale architecture tiddalik the frog places journal - frog fairy tales often have an ecological theme it is difficult to read a story like this without thinking about climate change and extinction sn hetta s watery intricate lovely images were inspired by a children s version of the story a charming narrator introduces tiddalik the frog who has been sleeping for ages, tiddalik the frog the flood maker kullilla art - tiddalik the frog the flood maker long ago in the dreamtime tiddalik the largest frog ever known awoke one morning with a huge thirst he started to drink and drank until there was no fresh water left in the world, tiddalik the frog miromaa aboriginal language - tiddalik the frog another dreaming site in the hunter region is that of the often related tiddalik the frog story the story has been published in several different versions and as with many traditional beliefs there are different levels of understanding depending on the levels of learning one has encountered, upper hunter readings 1 working with indigenous australians - tiddalik was a greedy frog who drank all the water in the land draining the rivers and billabongs until the other animals were forced to try to get tiddalik to give up the water the wombat suggested that they make tiddalik laugh and then the waters would be released, tiddalik cryptid wiki fandom powered by wikia - tiddalik is an indigenous legend in australia that was first recorded in the late 1800s it is said that it drank all of the water in australia and caused a flood the tiddalik is described as a giant species of cyclorana cyclorana is a genus of tree frogs from australia that are entirely, tiddalick the frog powerpoint australia twinkl - tiddalick the frog powerpoint 2 member reviews classic collection click for more information themselves develop and apply contextual knowledge discuss how depictions of characters in print sound and images reflect the contexts in which they were created acelt1581 acelt1587